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The Series

The Spiritborn series of books consist of four main series novels and one novel outlining the lore and history of the universe. Although their are four in the series

The Steel Sentinel Cover.jpg
The Steel Sentinel

War and Chaos bound together

Death is all alone

Life is lake and forest plenty

Peace sleeps with the bones


It all began with death, a mysterious woman, and a poem. The balance of the world is in jeopardy. The Guardians of War, Chaos, Peace, Life, and Death have all gone missing. The world threatens to tear itself apart and at the center…


there is Kyah.


An unassuming girl from a small village in Canada obsessed with the lore of our people. In the very oldest lore of our people, they tell of a child. A child who will rise up when the world is in its darkest hour.


And now, that time has come.


The world is on the verge of darkness and destruction. She has charged herself with finding the guardians and restoring the balance.

The Bound ones cover.jpg
The Bound Ones

War and Chaos Bound together

Kyah, having returned home a hero begins the search for the next guardians. Following the cryptic words of the mysterious woman she sets off to meet the notoriously dangerous couple. Instead they find themselves meeting with a friendly husband and wife who climb mountains together and meditate.

They couldn't be the guardians?

Could they?

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